Your Best Choices for Golf in Palm Desert and Coachella Valley, CA

Your Best Choices for Golf in Palm Desert and Coachella Valley, CA

There might be other states that will claim to be the best golfer’s paradise in the USA in the same way California does. Fair enough, but if you ask us it’s only Florida that might be able to make a legit case for themselves. Admittedly they’re soaked in sunshine and able to bask in warm temperatures all year round too, but even though we may be biased we’re still insisting that there’s no better place to be than way out west if you’re a big time golf enthusiast living in America (or visiting this great country).

Now there are MANY great golf courses all over the state, but for a combination of great courses, a very laid back local community, and the absolute best in great weather and great views – you simple can’t beat golf in Palm Desert, California. This part of the Coachella Valley is especially scenic, and any avid golfer will tell you that the atmosphere is as much a part of the experience as the actual golf game itself. You simply can’t beat golf in California when you look it from this perspective.

So what we’d thought to do here today is give OUR opinion on the best golf courses in Coachella Valley. Again, this is what we feel about local courses, and admittedly we’ve got an interest in promoting Palm Desert Golf & Country Club among the best golf courses in Palm Desert. We will say with one hundred percent validity and not an ounce of bias that you can’t go wrong with any of the many quality golf courses in Palm Desert, whether they’re public golf courses in Palm Desert or private golf courses in Palm Desert.

Top 10 for Golf Courses in Coachella Valley

We will say that it’s not easy for us to create this list and put some courses ahead of others. We will preface our list by saying – quite truthfully – that every one of the ones here is one of the many good golf courses in Palm Desert, and what makes one better than the other in our opinion is often just the smallest of details.

So let’s get to it, but remember that we’re not ranking these Coachella golf courses in order of worst to best as much as we are just listing them out. The only way to determine the best golf course in Palm Desert? To play all of them and make your own decision, of course!

#10. Toscana Country Club

This golf course in Indian Wells has been a favorite of local golfers for decades now, and for good reason. There’s two different Jack Nicklaus-designed golf courses as part of this Indian Wells country club. They are the South and North courses, and if you’ve got a full day at your disposal then playing bot of them with lunch in between at La Cucina is highly recommended. As is with most good golf courses in the Palm Desert area, there’s golf course homes available at Toscana.

#9. Woodhaven Country Club

For starters, Woodhaven is a community golf course and that means you don’t have to be a member to play here. It’s among the many recommended golf courses in Palm Desert. The way they choose to describe their golf course is ‘fun, fast, and at a fair price.’ That’s pretty darn accurate, as while golf is ALWAYS fun, the other two are added as Woodhaven public golf course in Palm Desert usually takes golfers less than 4 hours to do a full 18-hole round, and a round of golf here is very competitively priced. Your best choice for inexpensive golf in Palm Desert might be right here.

#8. Indian Ridge Country Club

Indian Ridge will meet your every expectation when it comes to Palm Desert CA golf, with its Grove and Arroyo golf courses. One of the more distinguishing features of the landscaping of this Coachella Valley golf course is that there’s PLENTY of water all over. That’s means lot of challenges and lots of appealing views and impressive landscaping. Plus, Indian Ridge offer 7 sets of tees and 3 ‘combo’ tee options on both courses – play as casually or competitively as you like, as well as accommodating golfers who aren’t as experienced as you are.

#7. The Lakes Country Club

Since 1983 the Lakes Country Club in Palm Desert has been a shining gem in the local golf scene. Like Indian Ridge, the 27-hole Ted Robinson-designed championship golf course brings water into play on every hole. While this is a private golf course in Palm Desert, they do allow non residents to become members and if you’re equal parts a tennis enthusiast too then they have 9 hard courts and 2 clay courts for you to show off you have equal prowess with a racquet as you do with a club.

#6. Palm Valley Country Club

Palm Valley Country Club takes a lot of pride in their lush fairways, perfectly manicured greens, and acres of sparkling lakes around the course. It also features tow courses, and like the Lakes their courses have also been designed by Ted Robinson. Palm Valley is one of the better private golf clubs in Palm Desert and the Coachella Valley and their focus has always been to offer a club life experience that’s so enjoyable that members will come to see Palm Valley as their ‘home away from home’.

#5. Avondale Golf Club

The first one to make our list of the best golf courses in Palm Desert that doesn’t identify itself as a Country Club. Let us tell you, however, that certainly does not make choosing to golf here in Palm Desert any less recommended. This midwestern style golf course near Indian Wells, and it’s a private golf course as well. The par 72 course was designed by golf legend Jimmy Hines and members can’t gush enough about what it’s like to be on the links surrounded by mature oak and pine trees. Club life is also part of the appeal here, with other sports, recreation, and fitness amenities, fine dining, and more.

#4. Desert Springs Golf Club

This golf course in Palm Desert is like Woodhaven Country Club in that it’s a course where most golfers will have difficulty deciding which of the two courses, Palms or Valley, is their favorite. The club is actually part of the JW Marriott Desert Springs Palm Desert Resort and – yet again – the course designer is the legendary Ted Robinson. There’s plenty of challenging holes with sand and water, and one of the more distinguishing aspects of Desert Springs are the elevating fairways. Definitely worth a round to see for yourself.

#3. Desert Willow Golf Resort

Decide on this one of the many Coachella Valley golf courses and you’ll be treated to 36 holes of award-winning golf on 2 separate and distinct golf courses, the Firecliff Course and the Mountain View Course. If you’re looking for a challenging golf course in Palm Desert, the Firecliff course is going to really see what you’ve got as a golfer and the Mountain View course is only slightly less challenging. If you’d like to become a golfer who’s thrilled at taking on a more difficult golf course in Palm Desert, Desert Willow Resort is also home to the Palm Desert Golf Academy.

#2. Palm Royale Country Club

For golf in La Quinta, you can’t do much better than a full-18 followed by lunch and then more outdoor recreation at Palm Royale Country Club. This Coachella area golf course is actually a part of a large and well appointed gated community that is predominantly home to retired senior, along with more of a few renting or timeshare ‘snowbirds’ during the winter months. Palm Royale is an excellent choice for more intermediate level golfers in the area, as it’s a par-3 golf course in Coachella Valley. First tee time is at 7am, and the early birds always seem to do especially well here.

#1. Palm Desert Golf & Country Club

Alright, here we are but again keep in mind this is just a list in no particular order of the best golf courses in Palm Desert! Sure, we may think so highly of ourselves, but we’re going to suggest you do is visit this amazing part of California, play as many courses as you can and then see if you agree that Palm Desert Golf & Country Club gets your top spot for Coachella Valley golf courses too. Now, to be sure, we know we have some very real competition in this regard, but all in all we’ll just be happy to know we’ve fostered even more interest in golfing in Palm Desert and the Coachella Valley.

And one more thing to mention if we may – it may be winter right now in America, but in case you haven’t heard we tend to have comparatively warm and sunny weather all year round here in Palm Desert, and that means you can be firing balls down fairways and sinking putts just as comfortably in February as you do in July in other locations! Book a tee time with us and get started on your tour of local golf courses in Palm Desert.

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