Still Time to Get Golf in at Palm Desert Country Club – LOTS of Golf!

Still Time to Get Golf in at Palm Desert Country Club – LOTS of Golf!

It’s been a great golf season here at Palm Desert, and we’ve enjoyed being out on the links with long-time golfers here plus all of the new ones who’ve teed off on number one for the first time. Palm Desert and the Coachella Valley really is one of the nicest places to golf in all of California, and this golf season – like all of them – has been a reminder of how lucky we are to live here and able to play golf and maintain our wonderful golf course with all the enthusiasm we give to it every day.

There are many quality golf courses in Palm Desert, and most people who live here enjoy playing at all of them. We’re the same way, but we do feel that Palm Desert Golf and Country Club really is among the best, and we do welcome non-member players booking tee times online with us too. This year we’ve had more than a few non-member guests become members, and that’s always an indication that you’re doing it right when it comes to creating one of the best golf courses in Palm Desert.

As the saying goes though, all good things must come to an end. The golf season in Palm Desert winds down around the end of April, and here at Palm Desert our season is going to end on April 30th. However, as it’s only just past the middle of March (Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you too by the way) there’s still over a month left to get out and go long down fairways, make beauty approaches, and drain putts. The sunny weather and awesome golf conditions are as good as ever and it’s not difficult to see how everyone has had a blast after finishing 18 and making their way into the Clubhouse.

And speaking of the Clubhouse, it’s no coincidence that so many golfers also make their way to our Cactus Club restaurant and lounge after their game. The foods is always super tasty and many people enjoy a bite and a beverage after their round. You can even get yourself a ‘Clubhouse’ sandwich on the lunch menu, and on the dinner menu the Chicken Marsala with sautéed chicken with Marsala wine, shallots & mushrooms and served over a bed of linguini is simply unbeatable. Have a look at our lunch and dinner menus.

Part of golf in Palm Desert is the way you develop a real love for the game, and a desire to improve your skills so that you can compete to the best of your ability. Struggling with your short game, or any other aspect of it? For golf lessons in Palm Desert, you’ll do well to book a lesson with our experienced golf pros here at Palm Desert golf course. They’ve got the knowledge and experience to make your growth as a golfer happen as effectively as possible, and you’ll find no shortage of members who will speak glowingly of how our pros have helped them immensely.

Last but not least, if you’ve become so enamored with the golf and overall lifestyle of Palm Desert and you’d like to live here, we do have an excellent opportunity for anyone looking for golf course homes in Palm Desert. We have new golf course villa home development in Coachella Valley here, and these homes are right on our course and offer everything a golf-loving retiree would want in as far as golfing, good neighbors and friends, and all the greatness of living in this beautiful part of the state.

If this is something that interests you, we encourage you learn more at by clicking here.

That’a all for now, but do keep in mind that in just under 6 weeks time it will be the end of the golf season in Palm Desert, but surely you don’t need to be told that you can do a LOT of golfing in 5+ weeks, and we’re equally sure you don’t need to be convinced to get out on the links as much as you can during that time.

See you in the Clubhouse, see you on the course, and see you upstairs in the Cactus Club afterwards!

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