Palm Desert Country Club Open for 2018 – 2019 Season

Palm Desert Country Club Open for 2018 – 2019 Season

The time of the year has rolled around again, and we’ve now opened our doors for another terrific season of golf here at Palm Desert Country Club. Our staff has been hard at work making sure everything is in tip-top shape, from the grounds to the clubhouse and everything in between. We get fired up at the prospect of the start of every new season, and we know a good many of you do too!

We like to think that each year we distinguish ourselves even further as one of the best golf courses in Palm Desert, and that’s been our aim for many years now. A great, challenging yet enjoyable course is a good start, but you’ve also got to be able to offer players more in the way of added savings, conveniences, and more.

Our different golf packages, from the most affordable Roadrunner Package all the way to the premier Player’s Club Package, make it so that there’s a good fit for golfers of all levels and frequencies.

Book a Tee Time

Plus, booking a tee time sooner rather than later is advisable because our freshly re-seeded fairways and greens are in as optimum a condition as possible. Add some especially nice weather and it definitely is time to hit the links!

We’re not ones to rest on our laurels when it comes to making a day here at Palm Desert Country Club as appealing as possible. We’ve also got happy hour tee times that include a drink with your 9 holes of golf, and if that sounds good to you please call the golf shop at (760) 345-022 or toll-free at 1-800-501-5431 for more details.

Golf Lessons

Avid golfers tend to be passionate about improving their game, and we can definitely relate to what it’s like to want to be better out there. We’ve got a professional golf instructor here Dave Zickau who brings a real energy and enthusiasm to golf lessons here at Palm Desert.

Cactus Club Restaurant

We’d be remiss if we didn’t also put a good word in for our world-famous Cactus Club Restaurant too.

When we say it’s a real nice sport we’re only echoing the sentiments of many different golfers who’ve spent some time relaxing with good food and drink there after their round of golf. Tasty eats and cold drinks are paired with comfortable seating, nice views from the windows, and sporting events on TV.

Of course, the new year here at Palm Desert also comes with all the yearly events that we have every year.

Check out our calendar to see what’s planned, and be sure to join us as often as you can. We welcome anyone who’d like to follow us via our Facebook page as well.

Getting to Know Our Holes

Newbies to the game may be wondering how many holes in golf there are. A fair enough question, and we were all beginners once too. Most course will have 18 holes, a ‘front’ 9 and a ‘back’ 9. In reality, though, it’s not so much a question of how many holes in golf courses you get to play, but rather what makes each hole a unique experience.

Let’s go some of the most notable holes here at Palm Desert Country Club briefly.

Hole 2: A short par 5 but featuring our toughest green. Getting onto it is only half the battle.

Hole 4: This hole challenges you to be very precise with your swings. Kidney shaped green surrounded by water and sand.

Hole 5: Powerful drivers may want to try for the green, but bunkers around the fairway and green are there to punish those who try and fail.

Hole 7: This is a player-friendly par 3. When discussing how many holes in golf and the types one’s got to be the easiest.

Hole 9: A tee shot over the water, where the ideal play is to go left to right before swinging a mid-range iron onto the green.

Hole 11: The classic dogleg and one that requires a tee shot to the right unless you want to flirt with danger

Hole 13: A very deceptive par 3. May look easy but the bunkers and undulating putting surface have other ideas

Hole 15: The toughest hole on the course, and one that will require you to get distance with an iron and take on a treacherous green. Similarly, no matter how many holes there are in a golf course, one has to be the most challenging.

Intrigued? We thought you’d be. Bring your clubs, your A game, and plenty of competitive spirit and we’ll see you soon hopefully.

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