Palm Desert Country Club as Good a Choice as Any for NYE in Palm Desert

Palm Desert Country Club as Good a Choice as Any for NYE in Palm Desert

It’s been said that the years fly all the more quickly as you get older, and I think most of us will agree that’s true. Here we are with 2019 drawing to a close and the calendar showing we’re into the back half of December now. But while much of the rest of the USA is dealing with freezing temperatures and plenty of snow and ice, here in the Coachella Valley of California it’s as pleasantly warm and dry as ever and when it comes to golf in Palm Desert it’s something that we enjoy ALL year round.

One thing that we don’t do year round, however, is have a dynamite New Year’s Eve party. As you might expect, that occurs on the evening of December 31st only, but this year is no exception! If you’re looking for a New Year’s Eve Party in Palm Desert then we enthusiastically invite you to the Cactus Club in Palm Desert right here at our Palm Desert Golf and Country Club.

It promises to be a grand time for all who join us, and especially so considering this is our ‘Roaring 2020’ New Year’s Eve Party. We’re now 100 years past the start of the decade that was known as the ‘roaring twenties’ and that’s why we’ve decided on this theme. Ladies are encouraged to dress as flappers or a silent screen star from the era, while the fellows can come as a gangster or more simply as well-dressed gentlemen sporting dapper attire from that decade.

Of course, if that’s not to your fancy or it’s too tall an order to put such an outfit together then you’re free to come as you are too. Cocktail attire will be appropriate, but what’s most important to us is that you ring in 2020 while enjoying yourself as much as possible.

Guaranteed Grand Old Time

For starters, if you’re going to join us for NYE in Palm Desert then we recommend you come hungry! We’re serving a 4-course Surf & Turf Dinner and the food will be absolutely delicious. Sure, there will be other events in Palm Desert for NYE, but we don’t know of any others that are going to have this same throwback theme and the amazing meal we’re going to serve to our guests in the Cactus Club.

There’s also going to be party favors throughout the evening, and the live music and dancing will be around the roaring 20s theme too. So trust us when we say that if you and your partner learn how to do the Charleston and then show up ready to dance then you will be one of the hits of the party!  Even if you don’t do it perfectly, your attempt is going to go over extremely well, guaranteed!

Plus, if there’s anything else you can think of it for suggestions about how to add to our roaring 20s theme then we’d love to hear them. We’re going to do our best to make sure this is THE place to be for NYE in Palm Desert. And if staying out past midnight is a little too hard on you, we’re going to do a champagne toast at 9pm as well.

A Round Before?

It’s a popular choice for members of our Palm Desert Golf and Country Club to enjoy a round of golf here during the day on the 31st and then make their way up to the Cactus Club immediately thereafter to get an early start on the evening’s festivities. This year of course you might need to bring your Roaring Twenties attire with you if that’s your plan, but it’s always a breeze to book a tee time online with us and we take pride in having one of the best golf courses in Palm Desert.

We’ve got lessons with extremely knowledgeable golf pros who have years of experiencing helping people improve their games and lower handicaps, and that’s something you can book with us anytime as well.

Last but not least, if you’re interested in golf course homes in Coachella Valley then our new Villas of Palm Desert development with 1,432 square foot ranchers homes with a choice of different floor plans and amazing views of the surround mountain ranges here in Palm Desert.

Come and join us for our dynamite Roaring 2020 New Year’s Eve Party in Palm Desert and let’s bring in the New Year like they did on the last day of 1919. Reservations are required, and we’ll be happy to take yours at 760-345-0222 (ext. 3). We look forward to seeing you!

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