Stay Hydrated for Better Golf in Palm Desert Weather

Stay Hydrated for Better Golf in Palm Desert Weather

Here we are just before Christmas in December and it’s expected to be 55 degrees in Palm Desert this weekend. One of the things that Riverside County always has going for it is the warm weather, although that’s true of all of SoCal. This is comfortable golfing weather and if you want to golf in Palm Desert now is as good a time as any to be here.

Not everyone will take a golf cart, and plenty of people who prefer to walk the course. Fitness minded locals here who enjoy golf in Coachella Valley are probably the same ones who’ve done the Bump n’ Grind hiking trail here with its elevation gain of 1,000’ and valley views.

It’s important to stay well hydrated in any instance where you’re physically exerting yourself, and drinking enough water when golfing may be more of a need than you think. You can get dehydrated when you golf, and it can happen without you being aware of it.

Depending on how well hydrated they are before they hit the links some people may have water loss around 1.5-2% and it’s been determined that water loss in excess of 2% of body weight reduces a person’s physical capacity between 5 and 10%.

Not difficult to understand that it is possible that could negatively affect your game, and considering a round golf in Palm Desert is a usually under sunny skies with great views of the mountains you’re not going to want to take away from the experience by shooting higher than you should be.

We’ll talk a little more about why you should drink enough water for a day of golf, as well as share what makes Palm Desert Country Club one of the best golf courses in Palm Desert.

Keeping Skills Sharp

If you can drive over 290yds you can clear the bunker on hole 1 here at Palm Desert Golf and it creates a nice opportunity for a birdie to get your round started nicely. You can book a tee time online and we also have golf lessons in Palm Desert if being able to drive long is one of the skills you’re looking to improve on. Distance is great to have, but it has to come with control and accuracy too.

Total distance was one of three skill categories that were measured in a 2011 test published online called ‘EFFECT OF ACUTE MILD DEHYDRATION ON COGNITIVE-MOTOR PERFORMANCE IN GOLF’ where 7 amateur golfers with low handicaps had their total distance, distance control, and target accuracy measured before and after induced dehydration.  

The average base line for target accuracy went from 4.1m to 7.9m when the golfers were at 2% dehydration. Distance control went from 4.8m of variation to 8.4m and total distance declined from a 128.6m baseline down to 114.4m. The study also pointed out that more than 3% loss of weight by dehydration lowers the capacity of muscle contraction up to 20% and this can lead to developing muscle cramps.

That’s not something that most golfers will have ever had on the course, but those numbers about the variations and declines in games skills should be enough to convince you that it is important to be hydrated when you’re about to play golf. That’ll be true for golfing in Palm Desert or anywhere else where it can be warm, even in December.

Try The Roadrunner

After your day of golf in Coachella Valley at Palm Desert you can stop by your Cactus Club restaurant and enjoy the food & drink discounts we have during happy hour.

You can make a reservation online too and many popular choices like jumbo loaded nachos, crunchy onion rings, and buffalo chicken wings are marked down on the menu during happy hour. If you’re in for lunch the sandwiches are great and the Roadrunner in particular – roast turkey, bacon, tomato, avocado and melted jack cheese on grilled sourdough with choice of fries or slaw – is especially tasty.

A lot of people like our all you can eat Taco Tuesdays, and on some Friday and Saturday nights there is music from 6 30 to 9 30. Check out our events calendar to see who’s performing when. We have Palm Desert golf rates for $80 after 1pm through to the end of the year, and we’d love to see you here.

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