Palm Desert Golf Course Ready to Open for New Season

Palm Desert Golf Course Ready to Open for New Season

When it comes to being active outdoors, we here in Southern California have a different perspective on the months that other Americans regard as ‘winter’. The best way to explain it is that the summer and fall months preceding them are when most of the country enjoys pleasant temperatures and plenty of sunshine. Between June and September here in inland SoCal, however, there’s the same plenty of sunshine but it’s generally way too hot to be outside for long stretches of time.

For us, what’s winter elsewhere in the country is the time of year when temperatures are cool enough here for us to be out and enjoying activities. Ones that our fellow Americans to the East have been doing all summer.

Right, enough about that. Let’s get to discussing what you can assume is obviously our favorite one of those outdoor activities – golfing on any of the many quality golf courses in Palm Desert! If you’re wondering where to golf in Palm Desert, you’ve ended up on the right blog.

Golf in Palm Desert CA

Every golfer will hope for a sunny day when they’ve got a tee time to be on the links. One of the great things about this area of the country is that most days it’s sunny more often than not. Then when you add the impressive scenery of the nearby Santa Rosa and San Jacinto mountain ranges all around the entire valley it makes for fairly darn ideal golf days. Indeed, golf courses in Palm Desert are all the more appealing because of the reliably good weather and reliably scenic surroundings!

Local golfers will know the courses and usually have a few or more of their favourite ones within a fairly short time of living here. It’s generally only visitors or those who are new to the area that will be digging online for where to golf in Palm Desert CA.

The truth is you can’t go wrong with nearly all of the courses here. You’re encouraged to make that determination on your own, but it may be helpful to know that the Coachella Valley has a continuing reputation as the municipal golf course capital of the world. It all started more than 5 decades ago when the 54 Lights at Indio Golf Course came into existence, one of the longest 18-hole executive golf courses in America.

When it comes to golf courses in Palm Desert, we here at the Palm Desert Golf Course are fairly agreeable with the idea that every golf course around here is worthy of a visit. That said, ours is a particularly good – and reasonably affordable – option for golfers here. What we’ll do now is take some time to explain why exactly we are one of the better golf courses in Palm Desert.

Great Course, Great People

As mentioned above, Coachella is regarded as the municipal golf course capital of the world. We’re proud to be a part of that and even prouder that Coachella Valley Weekly nominates us for their Best Public Golf Course in the Valley nearly every year. Our 18-hole par-72 course features double-wide fairways and subtle greens that appeal to all golfers and make us as solid a choice as any golf course in Palm Desert. If that doesn’t convince you, the trees lining the fairways and the beautiful mountain views all around very likely will. Our desert-scape project completed last year has also made our golf course more environmentally sustainable.

Where to golf in Palm Desert? Well, if you’re a golfer who’s nearly as keen on post-round food and drinks as you are your time on the course then our Clubhouse and Cactus Club restaurants may be just the convincing you need.  The Clubhouses has amazing pub-style food and beverages and the Cactus Club has similarly delicious eats and drinks along with live music on Friday and Saturday nights. Plus it’s the only place around with NHL hockey games on the big screen.

Great Time for a Tee Time

We strive to make our golf course affordable for members and guests, as it’s a part of making sure we have the opportunity to continue what we’re doing for many years to come and stay extremely visible as one of the better golf courses in Palm Desert.

For committed club swingers we have 4 different Player’s Club Packages – Annual (Full Year) / 6 Month / 5 Month / 4 Month – with each having options for single or couple memberships. Alternately, you have the $99 Roadrunner Package that gets you 25% off green fees between Jan.1 and Dec.31 2020 and a maximum round rate of $69 for January, February, and March. You can also buy 10 signature passes for 10 rounds of golf here for $750.

And of course, contact us anytime to book a tee time. Start as early as you like, and the last tee time of the day is just before noon. And if your game isn’t at the level you’d like it to be then we can’t say enough good things about the experienced and knowledgeable instructors that provide golf lessons here.

Seriously, folks, it’s darn near time to start swinging clubs and sending balls down fairways here at one of the best golf courses in Palm Desert – the Palm Desert Country Club.

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