6 Player-Player Bets You Can Make on a Round of Golf

6 Player-Player Bets You Can Make on a Round of Golf

Being confident in your abilities goes a long way in the game of golf, and a lot of skill development goes into having that type of confidence in your game. There’s a lot to be said for believing your abilities and consistency with them will likely lead you to outperform your competitors. Some say it is even best to be cocky and confident and that it’s been a trademark of the best athletes for generations.

That may or not be true, but you need to have at least some of that belief if you’re going to be wagering with them on that happening. People have been making golf game bets between themselves and others in their foursome for a long time, and that’s true for our Palm Desert golf course like it is for every other public golf course in America.

You’re not going to bet on your game if you’re not a good golfer, but if you are, then why not make a friendly wager or two with the other ladies or gents you’re on the links with? Golf is always fun, and if you can add something to the fun and add to the competitive nature of the day, then there’s no reason you shouldn’t. Our Coachella Valley golf course has a mix of difficulties with the golf course holes, so that it may be just right for that added competition.

Perhaps you already know of a few ways to bet on a round golf, but if not or you’d like to add to your golf wagers then here are 6 golf bets you can make.

Good-Natured Golf Bets

1. Nassau (AKA Best Nines)

We can assume that this golf course bet started in the Bahamas, and there are many nice golf courses in the Caribbean. Nassau is likely the easiest of golf bets with remembering how to play.

There isn’t much to it; it is three games and three bets in one with a single claim for the best front nine, best back nine, and best eighteen played in any format (stroke, match, scramble, best ball, and so on)

2. Wolf

For each hole of the course, players will take turns being the ‘wolf’ on each hole. The wolf then chooses to partner with another and opts to play the hole 2-on-2 or 1-on-3. An individual low score or lowest total score, if played with a partner, will then win the hole.

When playing 2-on-2, the wolf chooses his or her partner immediately after that player’s drive. If all other players are off the tee, then the wolf plays the hole 1-on-3 and can either win or lose double the bet.

Going “lone wolf’ is also an option, but the golfer must choose to be a lone wolf after their own drive. They can then either win or lose triple the bet.

3. Bingo Bango Bongo

This game is about achievements and being the first to do something for each hole. For example, the first player on the green gets a bingo, and the bango could go to whoever is closest to the pin when all four balls are on the green. Maybe first in the hole is a bongo. The possibilities are extensive, and it can make for some great creative suggestions for golfers. 

If one player does all three first, then that player wins double, and you could make it so that he or she doesn’t pay for a thing once you get to the Palm Desert clubhouse

4. Aces & Deuces

Golfing in Palm Desert is a treat for visitors, and locals will know how great it is to live in this part of California when you’re on the links multiple times a week. Another fun but simple of the many golf bets you can make with your friends here or elsewhere on the Coachella Valley golf course is Aces and Deuces. 

With this one, the low score on each hole wins a predetermined amount for each of the other players. The golfer who ends up with the highest score on a hole will lose that to the other golfer. Sometimes people will add a wrinkle that the high score has to pay the losing score a certain amount too. 

As you’d guess, agreeing to participate in Aces & Deuces golf bets is not a good idea if you are far and away the worst golfer in the group. Want to change that? Sign up for golf lessons here at Palm Desert golf course and learn from dedicated golf pros that can analyze the shortcomings in your game.

5. Las Vegas

Sin City is quite far from here, even though it’s in a neighboring State. That has nothing to do with golfing in Coachella Valley, but the reason this one of the golf bets we’re looking at here today is because it’s a bit of a gamble. A foursome of golfers is needed as Las Vegas needs to be played with 2 teams of 2. Each team plays for a team score, but the score is not totaled. 

It is paired instead. As an example, if one player scores a 3 and the other a 4, the score is not 7 – it would be 34. The two values are pushed together. The lower score goes first unless one player scores 10 or more. In that scenario, the higher score would be put first. The difference in the team score represents the predetermined amount bet on each hole.

Let’s say the 2 teams agree to $1 per stroke. If Team A scores a 45 and Team B gets 56, then Team B owes Team A $11 for that hole. 

This is one of the golf bets that may only be doable for ‘high rollers,’ but again, maybe that’s a part of the nature of the name too.

6. Chicago (AKA 39s)

City Names dominate again, but the Windy City is entirely different from the Sin One. This is one bet on a round of golf that is fun too, and keep in mind that you can always book a tee time online here at Palm Desert golf course. The Chicago bet goes like this; each golfer in the group begins their round with negative points at -39 but can be adjusted by the golfers’ handicap. For example, a 12 handicap would have you starting at -27.

Golfers begin their rounds with negative points. Points start at -39 and are adjusted based on your handicap. If your handicap is 12, your score starts at -27. If your handicap is 28, your score starts at -11. This continues up to -3. Here’s how you gain points and get back closer to zero – or past it if you’re golfing well!

  • Bogey – 1 point
  • Par – 2 points
  • Birdie – 4 points
  • Eagle – 8 points

Highest point total at the end of the round wins. You also have the option of total winnings being calculated based on the point differential or a predetermined.

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