Executive Course

Palm Desert Country Club Executive Course.

Planning Commission UPDATE:

On Dec 19, 2017, the Planning Commission granted approval of our application with comendations for the low density infill project.  The next stop is City Council.  Once the city announces the date we are on the agenda, we will update this site.  In the meantime, we encourage everyone to contact us with any questions or comments at [email protected]

Architectural UPDATE:

On July 23, 2017, the Architectural Review Commission granted preliminary approval of the wall design, heights, composition, and materials as well as landscaping and grading. We are currently scheduled for December 19, 2017 Planning Commission meeting.  We are excited about the progress and the direction the overall project is going.  Please feel free to review and forward any questions or comments to Dianna ([email protected])!

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Palm Desert Country Club Executive Course

Conceptual Plan 3

Conceptual Plan 2

Conceptual Plan 1