Better Golf for Shorter People

Better Golf for Shorter People

Not everyone is blessed with being tall in stature, and on the flip side of that many people who are really tall wish they weren’t. But one thing about being tall is you tend to have longer appendages, and if you’re a golfer or play anything else where a club or a stick are involved then having long arms are a plus. We can assume that the people who golf in Palm Desert are of all sorts of different heights, and most will be fully grown. There will be a few adolescents golfing out there but most people out on the course won’t be getting any taller.

Palm Desert Country Club is among the best golf courses in the Coachella Valley, and we always make online tee time bookings available for our guests. We’ve also got some of the best golf pros you’ll find in this unique part of Southern California, and many golfers of different levels that have taken lessons here who for the most part have been impressed with how knowledgeable our coaches and trainers are when it comes to getting better at golf and enjoying golf in Palm Desert. That same knowledge is on display from time to time, and our pros can point out some ways shorter golfers can overcome that disadvantage.

We encourage everyone to come and see what makes our Palm Desert golf course one of the best courses around. Hole 6 at Palm Desert is one where club selection off the tee is essential, and you’ll want to have the right clubs in your bag to begin with. Club type is the first thing to talk about better golf for shorter people. Getting fitted with custom clubs is essential for anyone serious about improving their game, and the first thing to say here on the topic is shorter people will need to have shorter golf clubs that fit them.

Many of the shortest pro golfers haven’t been disadvantage at all by being short, and Tadd Fujikawa is a great example of that being only just a little above 5’ tall. This is a player that doesn’t seem to be disadvantaged compared to his taller competitors.

Proper Fitting Clubs

Most off-the-rack clubs that you will buy as a set at your local golf shop will be for golfers of average height – around 5’8 to 5’10 or so in height. A shorter person using these clubs will have their club face lie angle too pronounced because of where the club extends when being held naturally in their swing. That’s going to put you at a disadvantage right away. Same thing goes for those well over 6’ tall, you’re not going to want to buy off-the-rack clubs most of the time.

Hey, golf is supposed to be fun, and you don’t want to be fighting through an impediment to your game that’s based exclusively in the fact your gear is not right for you. Palm Desert has been nominated as the best public golf course in the Coachella valley, and we want you to be enjoying yourself to the max when you’re here. If you want to know more about fitted golf clubs someone in our pro shop will be happy to inform you and point you in the right direction if this is something you want to do.

Widen Your Stance

Being in a wider stance – especially when driving from the tee – is something that is really important for shorter golfers. When hitting the driver, the insides of your feet should be underneath the outsides of your shoulders, and this distance should then decrease gradually based on each shorter club in your bag as it comes out and you make your way to the hole. This is also better for your overall balance and the wider swing arc it promotes too will add to your distance. Who’s not going to like the sound of going longer off the tee?

Hit the Draw

Golf in Palm Desert is always a highly recommended activity here in town, and if you visit the course you’ll see plenty of golfers making great shots of all types. A draw may be challenging for novice golfers, but once you’ve built up your abilities, you’ll like being able to hit these shots capably. How this relates to shorter golfers is they tend to have flatter or more horizontal swings, and this promotes a right-to-left ball flight for right-handed golfers, and vice versa for lefties.

This is a natural advantage for hitting a draw, and that’s because the draw rolls farther than a left-to-right fade and will give your draw more distance too.


Look no further for the best golf in Palm Desert and visit our club. Double wide fairways are a little more accommodating but there are plenty of holes that challenge golfers of different levels, and of course the challenge of golf is what makes it enjoyable. Last but not least, check out what is on the menu for both food and drinks at the Cactus Club Restaurant and in our Clubhouse. A great day is pretty much guaranteed at Palm Desert Country Club.

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