The Best Tee Times for Most Golf Courses

The Best Tee Times for Most Golf Courses

Here we are at the start of April, with the golf season in full swing at Palm Desert Golf and Country Club, located within Coachella Valley California. Here at our public golf course, in Palm Desert, you can book tee times online based around your hourly, weekly, family, and work schedules. We offer a wide range of tee times from early morning to late afternoon, so everyone from our early birds to our after-work golfers can get a round in.

Early risers will often prefer the 7am golf tee times and enjoy the morning sun, before the day has a chance to heat up, but that comes with its own challenges we’ll soon go over. Then there are the 2pm mid-afternoon tee time golfers, with happy hour in the clubhouse in mind, they’re set up perfectly for some cool drinks after a few hours out in the hot sun. And golfers that work a 9-5pm workday and can get out for a round after work, you will be able to take advantage of our sunset evening tee times, that are sometimes available at a discount.

So, what are the best tee times for most golf courses, and what leads golfers to think that way about them?

Advantages to Early Bird Tee Times

Asides from the obvious benefits of starting your day with some fresh air and physical exercise (walk the course if you can!), another benefit of teeing off early is that you get the course when its at its best and freshly groomed by the groundskeepers for the day.

Disadvantages to Early Bird Tee Times

Not a whole lot to list here really. Early morning tee times are great if you’re the type of person who’s ready to get at your day bright and early. One thing that might be worth factoring into deciding whether you want to book a morning golf tee time is early morning dew on the course, which may mean you don’t get as much roll added to your fairway distances off the tee.

Advantages to Late Morning / Early Afternoon Tee Times

This one is easy to answer; this is generally (not always) the time of the day when there will be the fewest numbers of golfers on the course, and especially if it’s a weekday. That means less of a chance of golfers being behind you or ahead of you on the course. This time of the day is also good for golf lessons, as often the course pros are more available around these times.

Disadvantages to Late Morning / Early Afternoon Tee Times

You’ll be facing the more intense heat of the noonday sun, and with your golf game in the middle of the day you likely won’t be doing anything before or after your round. Which for some people, however, is a beautiful thing! As mentioned, when you’re golfing in California during the spring and summer, it can get darn hot near noon and in the early afternoon, so adjust your attire and water intake accordingly!

Advantages to Late Day / Sunset Tee Times

The biggest advantage is of course that many golf courses offer a discounted rate for rounds after a certain time of the day. Plus, the weather is cooler, and you’ll almost certainly have fewer golfers on the course at this time of the day too. These tee times are exactly what’s needed for the individual that works a full workday or is out running errands, but still wishes to get a round of golf in that day.

Disadvantages to Late Day / Sunset Tee Times

The atmosphere of the golf course isn’t quite the same without the sun high in the sky and lessons taking place. And there’s less of an opportunity for the standard after-round eats and drinks that most golfers really enjoy as part of the experience. But if you’re just here for the game, then none of that really matters!

The Beginner Factor

But perhaps the biggest factor to consider for what the best tee time is, is how capable of a golfer you are. What we mean by this is that if you’re a capable golfer then you’ll likely move down the fairways and then put across greens into the cup at least fairly efficiently. As you likely already know; when online booking golf tee times, they are usually staggered about 10 to 15 minutes apart, and that number wasn’t just chosen on a whim.

Generally speaking that’s about the maximum amount of time it will take a group of competent golfers to have all holed-out on #1 and moved on to the next hole, and then the assumption is the next group of golfers teeing off will be also being golfing competently.

But the thing is of course, that every competent golfer was a beginner at some point too. So what are the best golf course tee times for beginners? We’ll start by saying that you shouldn’t avoid the course at any time simply because you’re not as experienced, and allowing others to ‘play-through’ is standard etiquette at any golf course.

That said, we think the best tee times for beginner golfers are late morning / early afternoon tee times are best, and if you can do that on a weekday when most golfers will be at work then that’s even better.

Our golf courses at the Palm Desert Golf and Country Club are open and our online booking is ready when you are! We look forward to seeing you, whatever golf tee times you decide come at!

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