Golf Bloggers and Best Golf Blogs

Golf Bloggers and Best Golf Blogs

As a golf blogger, I can tell you that there are a ton of golf resources and blogs out there.

Golf bloggers write them to help teach and inspire golfers of all skill levels. You are never too old to learn, especially when it comes to golf! There are blogs for beginners, as well as seasoned professionals.

It’s important to understand that even minor improvements can make a huge impact to your golf game. So why not learn as much as you can to improve your game? Especially when it’s free knowledge that you can easily find online.

This blog discusses the best golf blogs, golf bloggers, and online tips to point you in the right direction, depending on what you’re looking for.

Best Golf Blogs

Golf Bloggers Best Golf Blog
There is no doubt that lessons and practice will make the biggest positive impact to your golf game. However, learning off of the course can also be beneficial.

Reading advice from professionals, that you wouldn’t be able to access otherwise, is priceless! Plus, you can read the tips in the comfort of your own home, whenever you have time.

Here are 3 of the best golf blogs we recommend:


This one definitely tops our list of best golf blogs. is an instructional blog that groups articles by categories, so that users looking for help with specific things can easily find what they’re looking for.

Find blog categories on:

Having these topics separated really helps narrow down your search so you don’t end up wasting a bunch of time searching online for the tips you need.

Most of the articles on this site have lots of pictures to help visualize the lessons. They are also written very well with an easy-to-read and causal tone.

The professionals that write for are highly experienced and offer some of the best golf blogs online.


This is one of the most well-known golf resources on the internet.

Similar to the blog above, groups each golf blog by category. However, the categories listed are a bit different than the ones above.

The blog categories on this site include:

In addition, they also have a section on How-To videos. These offer great value because you can actually watch how the professionals do it. So much can be learned from watching other people play. It’s a lot easier to understand and visualize imagery as opposed to reading text.

The How-To Videos range from things like How to Master the Low Punch Shot, How to Get out of a Bunker, and How to Chip with your Hybrid.

3. offers a range of golf articles that are grouped by category. However, the categories range from specific golf courses (like Los Angeles Golf Courses for example) to Golf Rules to Golf Tournaments & Seminars.

They offer instruction articles, factual articles, and articles about various golf courses they have visited. Most of the instruction articles include step-by-step guides.

Some examples of these include:

  • 3 Quick Tips to Improve Your Setup
  • 6 Steps to Improve your Short Game
  • 3 Great Putting Drills
  • Top 10 Golf Foursome Games

The blogs are easy to read, relevant, and timely. As each season changes, so does the content they post.

In addition, if you subscribe to receive their new blogs via email, you’ll also receive exclusive discount offers.

Best Golf Blogger

Golf Bloggers Golf Blog

A golf blogger is a great resource. All you need is a computer with internet or Wi-Fi, and you’ll have access to the best tips and tricks in the World… completely free!

Although there are numerous golf bloggers, it can take a lot of time to read through and find the ones you like the most. For this reason, we have decided to do the homework for you.

Below are three options for your favourite golf blogger. These have been selected based on golf experience, golf content, and writing style.

1. Tom Stickney II

As full time Director of Instruction at The Club at Cordillera, Tom Stickney is a very accomplished Professional Golfer. He has trained over 250 golf professionals though his Learning and Teaching Golf Training Seminar.

He also created a company that focuses on the creation, design, and implementation of instructional programs for all skill levels. The company is called TFS Instructional Management.

He has published lots of instructional articles for Golf Digest, Golf Magazine, Golf Tips, Golf Illustrated, Golf for Women, and many others.

The awards he’s been given include:

  • Top 100 Teachers by Golf Magazine
  • Best Young Teachers Alumus by Golf Digest
  • Top 25 Instructors by Golf Tips
  • Top 20 Teachers under 40 Alumnus by Golf Digest
  • The Gofling Machine Doctorate Degree in the Principles and Applications of the Golf Swing in 2014
  • Top Teachers in State by Golf Digest
  • Top 50 Teachers for Kids Honorable Mention by US Kids Golf

His golf articles are easy to read and cater to all skill levels.

In addition to being a popular golf blogger, Tom also has is very own YouTube channel. The videos he posts really help to visualize the things he talks about in his written blogs. It also makes consuming the knowledge he is passing on a lot faster and easier. You can literally watch him online instead of paying for professional golf lessons!

2. Lana Ortega

A Class A member of the LPGA teaching and Club Professional Division, and Director of Instruction at McGetrick Golf Academy, Lana Ortega writes some of the best golf blogs.

She is an Instruction Editor and golf blogger for Her work is also published on Golf for Women Magazine, The Denver Post, and Colorado Avid Golfer. Her blogs have really great golf tips, and her writing style is informational and easy to read.

Lana has a number of accomplishments under her belt, including:

  • Top 50 Best Women Teachers in America by Golf Digest
  • Top 50 Teachers by Golf for Women (every year since 2004)
  • Colorado AvidGolfer’s CAGGY Award for Best Instructor for Women in 2013
  • Southwest Region’s Top Teachers for 2005-2006 by Golf Magazine
  • Voted 2005 LPGA Central Section Teacher of the Year

She currently teaches all levels of golf at the Family Sports Center Golf Course in Centennial, CO. Her clients include players on the LPGA Tour, Ladies European Tour, LPGA and PGA club professionals, collegiate golfers and amateur men and women of all abilities.

Some of our favourite tips and blog posts from her include:

3. Dr. TJ Tomasi

TJ is a Senior Instruction Editor at Golf Tips. He is also a Senior Professor and Director of Research at Keiser University – an accredited University with a Golf Management Degree Program. He teaches a range of classes, including Golf Swing Fundamentals and the Mental Approach to Golf, to both beginner and advanced students.

A Class A PGA Professional, TJ is one of the most published golf professionals in the world. He has written golf articles in Sports Illustrated, Golf Magazine, Golf Digest, and Golf Tips Magazine. He was also the author of an international weekly golf page called Insider Golf (last article posted in 2013). In addition, he has written 14 golf books!

He is an accredited writer, and he also maintains his own blog and website. He is very knowledgeable about golf and has estimated to have given over 50,000 lessons.

Some of our favourite golf blogs written by him include:

Golf Tips Online

Golf Bloggers Best Golf Blog

In addition to following a golf blogger or the blogs above, you can find tips online for just about any topic you have in mind.

YouTube is one of the best tools to find golf tips. Here are a few channels we recommend for miscellaneous golf tips online:

  • MeAndMyGolf – over 300,000 subscribers and hundreds of instructional videos
  • iGolfTV – over 30,000 subscribers and hundreds of how-to videos
  • Scratch Golf Academy – Over 25,000 subscribers and hundreds of branded golf lesson instruction videos

For other great tips check out our golf blogs on: 

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