Rainy Day? That’s OK – Top Golf Bag Rain Covers for Golfers

Rainy Day? That’s OK – Top Golf Bag Rain Covers for Golfers

Precipitation happens, and if you’re going to book a tee time at any golf course in Palm Desert, you’re not going to let a little bit of the wet stuff stop you from getting your round in. Now, if it’s a torrential downpour we’re talking about, you may want to skip the links then, but if it’s just a shower, there’s no reason you can’t get out on the course and enjoy your day. Some people actually enjoy the smell that emanates from the freshly cut grass as the water mixes with it, although we’re sure that does nothing for your swing. You’ll want to be mindful of your grip though, and that’s what leads us to the topic for our golf blog entry here.

The Coachella Valley golf season is well underway here in a more inland section of Southern California. While the cooler temperatures are an integral part of why our season starts much later than other courses in different regions of America, this is also the only time of the year when we get any real volume of rainfall. Take a look around at the topography of our golf course, and you’ll see why we don’t get a lot of rain here, but when we do, there are still people teeing off at #1 all day long.

Golfers in other parts of the country will do their rainy-day golfing in the spring and summer as compared to ‘winter’ here, and they may need to be wearing golf rain gear, golf rain shoes, and using their golf bag rain covers a whole lot more often. We talked about grips above, and you certainly don’t want to be pulling irons out of your bag over and over and having each one be sopping wet. You won’t need one as much for golf in Palm Desert, but it’s good to have one or more if you live here too.

PGM Waterproof Golf Bag Rain Cover

This one makes the list because it’s the best mix of affordability and performance. It’s not expensive, and it fits most models of standard golf bags. The anti-static material will protect clubs from UV damage and water damage, and it zips up quickly and easily around your bag. It’s durable too, and the only drawback that some buyers have highlighted is that it’s bulky enough so that it doesn’t fit in the pocket of a golf bag.

For some golfers, that’s important because they want a golf bag rain cover that they can grab and put to use any time, at a moment’s notice when the clouds open up unexpectedly.

Rain Wedge Golf Bag Rain Hood & Cover

This golf bag rain cover distinguishes itself with an especially easy-access design where the golfer can use one hand to quickly pop up the cover and the other one to grab their club. It’s different from a full-length cover this way, and the tradeoff is that if it’s raining more heavily the sides of your bag are going to get somewhat soaked. This Rain Wedge cover gives 14” of clearance from the top of the bag, so it can accommodate longer drivers easily, and it’s compatible with pushcarts, motorized carts, and all golf bags.

DNR USA Golf Bag Rain Cover

We talked earlier about how a lot of golfers like a rain bag cover that they have on hand and ready to go when needed. That means they need one that folds down small and can be tucked away into one of the side pockets on their golf bag. It’s golf season in Florida too, and golfers in the American Southeast are more likely to see rainy days there than here with Palm Desert golf and so they are more likely to be the ones that want a better collapsible golf bag rain cover. The DNR USA cover is a perfect fit here, as it folds down into a small package but it is also waterproof, dustproof, and ultra durable with added UV protection too. All this is in a decidedly affordable package too.

Rain Tek Waterproof Golf Bag Rain Cover

Some golfers won’t miss a round no matter what the weather is like, and it’s these folks who need the best golf bag rain cover. If we take price into consideration too then our choice for the best quality and value combo is the Rain Tek Golf Bag Rain Cover. It’s designed to fit tight over the 3-wheel carts that are pretty standard for your average golfer in the USA and it provides all over waterproof protection plus a top cover flap that has high wind protection strap ideal for days that are wet AND blustery.

Another big advantage to this good quality golf bag cover is that you can keep items dry in the bag’s side pockets but access them quickly and easily with the long-zippered openings.

Longridge Storm Hood Golf Bag Cover

Longridge makes high quality products, and their Storm Hood golf bag cover is one of the better built ones on the market. It’s made of thick, durable material and the stitching is solid. It gets high marks for functionality too with the way it’s designed to snap to the top of your bag and stay in place no matter how much wind there is and the zip sealing you can get in and out of it quickly to take / return clubs as needed. The elasticized neck means it will fit all golf bags too, and last but not least the Storm Hood logo looks good too.

We’re folks who golf no matter what here at Palm Desert Golf Club, and as always we encourage you to book a tee time online here and get a round in. Or do it regularly if you’re a part of the community here in Palm Desert. We’re lucky to be in a part of the country where you can golf in November in California and we’re known to be one of the best public golf courses in Coachella Valley. Learning and improving is always a part of the equation for people who golf regularly in Palm Desert, and we have golf lessons with knowledgeable pros here too that can get you golfing better quickly.

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