Are Golf Shoes Worth It?

Are Golf Shoes Worth It?

Footwork plays a role in performance with all sports, and golf is no exception. While there may be course grass under a golfer’s feet the same way there is for a football or field lacrosse player, no golfer is going to running a post route and planting their foot in the grass hard after sprinting 15 yards downfield. Nonetheless, the function of your feet in your golf swing is something to consider and that is the most basic point to be aware of when asking are golf shoes worth it.

If you’re the most casual of golfers and your focus is much more on enjoyment rather than performance  then you will likely be fine wearing athletics shoes of any sort on the course. They’ll need to be comfortable of course, but that’s about it. But if you’re this type of golfer you are also more likely to be hitting balls on a par 3 pitch n’ putt and not forking out some more significant bucks to be playing on a full 18-hole golf course. Book a tee time online at ours here.

Golf can be expensive, and most men and women who play are going to want to play as well as they can with the fact they’ve paid their greens fees here at the many good golf course in Palm Desert.

I suppose the pitch n’ putt folks might be interested in a pair of cheap golf shoes. And for the record there’s nothing wrong with pitch n’ putt courses as everyone has to start somewhere and there’s definitely something to be said for only needing a 9 and 7 iron plus a putter for a round of golf. But for most of us there’s another reason beyond performance as to why we’ll want to consider mens golf shoes or womens golf shoes.

Performance – Plus Walking Comfort

If it’s a driver in your hands at the tee box and not that 9 or 7, you can be sure there’s going to be some considerable walking (or carting, to be fair) to be done. Palm Desert golf courses are beautifully manicured and surrounding views are impressive, so if you ask us walking the course is definitely preferable. Comfortable golf shoes are an important consideration to go along with golf shoe performance.

Let’s talk about performance first when considering are golf shoes worth it. We all know that there is a lot that goes into a good golf swing, and the solidity of your feet on the ground is a contributing factor. Quality shoes provide superior grip and traction, and that firmness under foot as you go through your swing equates to  better swing speed – something that is essential if you are using a club that’s designed to provide distance like a driver, wood, or a lower iron. Many golf shoes include built-in stabilizers on the sides of the arches to prevent the feet from sliding.

Golfers will play in less-than-ideal course conditions too, and many golf shoes will give you the ability to attach golf shoe spikes too so that you can get even more of the solidity underfoot you need when the ground is unstable because of excessive rainfall or other factors. Coachella Valley public golf courses don’t get much rain during our golf season as compared to other location in the Western USA, so you can almost always get away without spikes on your shoes here at Palm Desert Golf and Country Club.

Step After Step

The next consideration for mens golf shoes is comfort, and that will apply for womens golf shoes in exactly the same way. If you’re walking the course you’re definitely going to getting your steps in, and that’s a big part of the way golf is good exercise too. It’s quite common for a golfer to walk about 8 miles if they’re playing a full-18 and our Palm Desert golf course has some long ones too. A quality pair are going to be more comfortable and that adds to your enjoyment of the round, even if you’d never be aware of it unless you played in ordinary footwear that’s not as comfortable.

Skip that entirely and buy golf shoes online with a wide selection of the best ones for performance and comfort. Golf courses in Palm Desert here are in a more inland area of Southern California, and that means it can get darn hot some days. Breathable footwear is better, and many golf shoes have high-quality materials for breathability with ventilation designs to keep your feet cool and comfortable.

Are golf shoes worth it? For a person who is going to be golfing regularly and has an interest in their performance as well as wanting to be comfortable it is worth it to buy a pair. Read more about choosing the right golf shoes here, and we’ll look forward to seeing what you’ve chosen when you see in the pro shop next.

Check out our monthly events calendar and as always we have first-rate golf lessons from very knowledgeable and experienced golf pros available for anyone who’d like to improve their game and see that improvement in more of a straight line. Like any sport, golf becomes more fun when you’re playing well. Who knows, your rapidly-improving game and rapidly-dropping handicap may see you more interested in buying golf shoes.

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