7 Essential Items You Should Always Carry In Your Golf Bag

7 Essential Items You Should Always Carry In Your Golf Bag

As a golfer it is always important to have your essential items in your golf bag as you’ll never know when you’ll need any of them. Below is a list of 7 great items that are not golf related that you should carry in your golf bag at all times.

Clean Towel

Whether its rainy and muddy or its a super hot and sweaty day its important to have a clean towel with you.

Having a clean towel in your bag allows you to clean your club heads, golf balls or even wipe sweat away from your forehead on a hot summers day.

Don’t forget to clean the towel every once in awhile though otherwise you will start of have a very smelly golf bag in a short period of time.


You will never know when sunscreen is needed on the golf course so its better to have it just in case. The weather can change from cloudy and rainy to sunny quite quickly and its important to stay protected. You don’t want to have to leave the course because you are getting a sun burn or risk a sun burn continuing to play your golf game. Stay prepared and bring along some sunscreen.

Energy Bars

It is important to stay energized while on the course so you can stay mentality sharp during your game. Therefore its a great idea to keep some energy bars in your bag just in case you get hungry while playing. They are clean, easy to eat, and quick so you can continue to play your golf game with minimal interruptions.

Bluetooth Speaker

Maybe you are one of the golfers that enjoy a few tunes while playing golf. By having a little portable bluetooth speaker in your bag you’ll be able to enjoy some music you can play directly from your phone to the speaker.

Change Of Socks

There is nothing worse than playing golf with wet feet. On the other hand finishing a game with wet feet and having to go home with cold wet feet isn’t fun either. Be prepared ahead of time by bringing yourself a change of socks. They don’t take up much room and will keep your feet warm and dry.

Bug Spray

Those pesky bugs are everywhere and its better to avoid them by having some bug spray.

Can you imagine being part way through your swing and have a bug bite you and mess up your shot? Could be the difference between a great game and a fantastic one!

Be prepared ahead of time and bring along some bug repellent to put your golf bag.

Medical Kit

You can never be too prepared when it comes to your health. On the golf course there may come a time when you could use a medical kit.

Therefore you could easily purchase a miniature one that could fit in your golf bag from amazon.com.

Keep the medical kit in your bag all year round just in case of that one unexpected accident or need for a medical kit.

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