6 New Golf Gear Trends for 2022

6 New Golf Gear Trends for 2022

Here we are in October, and for some people it might seem odd to be blogging on new golf gear trends when for most parts of the country there’s going to be fewer people on the links from here on out. But you need to remember that Palm Desert is a Coachella Valley golf course, and for us the golf season doesn’t begin at the same time as most elsewhere in the US simply because of climate realities here as compared to wherever else outside of California and the US Southwest.

Average daily temperatures to the East of us may be ideal for a round of golf between May and August, but here they’d be way to sweltering hot to be out on the course comfortably. That’s not say people don’t head out onto golf courses in Palm Desert during those months, but most people here wait until things cool suitably before they start to golf on courses around here regularly.

Keep in mind that we don’t have a fall or winter that’s like most of the continental US. What is summer in most states is what we have through the fall and only slightly cooler during the winter months.

So yes, golf season is just about to begin here even though it may be winding down in other locations. That’s why we’re going to name Palm Desert among the many good Coachella valley golf courses and then proceed to talk about new golf gear trends for the 2022 season. Because that season is just getting started here as the extreme heat of the Palm Desert summer starts to wane and it moves to be a pleasant very warm and sunny most days.

Hole-to-Hole Performance

Golfing in Palm Desert is a treat, and the folks who are fortunate to live in this part of the Coachella Valley know very well that they’re in one of the best places to golf in the United States. For some it is about being challenged by the course, but for others it’s more about the scenery, activity, and the friendly competition amongst the others in your foursome. But a poor round can take the shine off of that in a hurry, and most golfers – even recreational ones – will want to have the best gear at their disposal so that their skills aren’t undercut in any way.

So let’s get to it, and just before we do we’ll remind you to book your tee time online at Palm Desert Golf Course. See you soon!

1. Mid-high Handicap Irons

Golf manufacturers are focusing on making irons that suit mid-high handicap golfers better. Many of the new range of irons are both slimmer and more compact, with a continuing focus on forgiveness that most golfers who don’t have a flawless swing will want to have. The Rogue ST Pro irons are a good example of this. Some people may still want a chunkier head, and if so check out the Cobra LTDx.

2. More Athletic Spikeless Shoes

Most recreational golfers will be wearing spikeless golf shoes, and that will be true for those on Palm desert golf courses or elsewhere. The consensus on newer ones this year is that they are more athletic and sportier than previous offerings. The best example of this may be the new FootJoy Fuel shoe which is both good looking and fully functional for what golfers will want in a shoe. The grip on spikeless shoes has improved too and this year’s ones have for the most part been designed with a focus on golfers being able to wear them year-round.

3. Enhanced Driver Impact Sounds

There’s more than a few new trends for drivers, but we’ll choose to focus on what might be one of the more gratifying ones. A trend for drivers in 2022 is duller impact sounds and drivers that sound and feel more powerful because of that. Two good examples are the Cobra LTDx driver and Callaway Rogue ST driver. The feel is part of the gratification of a nice golf swing and you want to feel that just before you watch the ball rocket down the fairway.

4. Portable Launch Monitors

Golf technology is always cool stuff, and we love gadgets just as much as the rest of you likely do. For those of you who aren’t familiar with them, a golf launch monitor is a device that tracks club delivery and ball flight. Something that golfers who aren’t happy with their game and the way they go off tees will be thankful to have as a means of improving your golf game. Some of the newer 2022 ones have major improvements, and we really like the Blast Golf Swing Analyser.

5. Electric Golf Caddies

When the Corona pandemic was in its prime many golf courses prohibited golfers from travelling together in golf carts. That’s no longer the case, but turns out some people have found they actually prefer walking the course because of it. That’s a good thing all in all, and another plus is how electric golf caddies are becoming better and more commonplace. They take a load off of you when carrying your bag from hole to hole, and many of the better ones this year have built-in GPS systems and easy folding mechanisms.

6. Urethane Covered non-Tour Golf Balls

Most people out on Palm Desert golf courses will be fine with just any ball, but for those who are really performance oriented and are determined to be coming back into the clubhouse under par are going to want something more. Urethane covered balls used to be fairly exclusive to tour-level balls and came with a price tag that reflected that. These types of high-end golf balls are more available to the price-minded amateur golfer now in 2022, and that’s great. Two of note are the Wilson Triad golf ball and Srixon Q-Star Tour golf ball. They are real all-round performance balls and great off the tee plus promoting better control around the greens.

We’re excited to see you here at Palm Desert Golf course this year for the 2022 Coachella Valley golf season, and as we’ve been talking about better performance we’ll remind you again that we have talented and dedicated golf pros here that are happy to meet with you and give you golf lessons.

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