6 Recommended Free Golf Apps for Your Smartphone

6 Recommended Free Golf Apps for Your Smartphone

Pencils and paper were the extent of everything when it came to tracking any aspect of a golf game for the first 100+ years of the game, but nowadays the only time you’re scribing out scores is when you’re doing mini-golf with the grandkids. Sure, there may be exceptions to that, but nowadays, there is so much that you can do with your phone related to any game where performance matters. Golf is definitely one of them, and you’ll find that most avid golfers are using at least one app on their phone to enhance their golf game. 

Certainly, I’ve seen a few of them here with golf in Palm Desert, and while a lot of us will have our PayPal wallet connected to the App Store or Google Play, there are still many who like the sound of free. After all, money is better spent on clubs and balls if you play golf as often as we do, and of course, some of the best golfing in Palm Desert is in the early months of Spring before it starts to get hot here. So, we thought that we would list out our choice for the 6 best free golf apps for smartphones. 

Some golfers may also prefer putting those bucks towards launch monitors and rangefinders, but those are indeed pricey, and for a lot of golfers, they’ll be content to make more incremental improvements to their golf game with digital monitoring. But using apps can be smart in the same way it makes a lot of sense to book a tee time online if you’d like to play on a public golf course in Coachella Valley. Plenty to say about that, but instead, let’s get right to our topic for this entry and lay out these 6 best golf smartphone apps that are free to use.

Birdie Apps

Eagles are definitely the best of all birds if you’re a golfer, but nothing wrong with a 1-under too. Birdie Apps is one of the most downloaded free golf apps and for good reason. You can use this GPS golf app to find your distances and see the layout of the Palm Desert golf course you’re playing. Plus it’s an offline app, so once you’ve downloaded the course you won’t necessarily need to have a network connection to use it. The basic version of Birdie Apps is free, but you can also purchase in-app upgrades to access additional features. 

Birdie Apps: Golf GPS on the App Store (apple.com) 

Golf GPS BirdieApps – Apps on Google Play 

Skins App

One of the things you’ll find with golfers of all sorts is that they love a good wager on the round, especially if it’s just for fun for the most part. That is true for people who like Palm Springs area golf courses and ones that are here just a short drive away in Palm Desert. Skins App is named after one of the best golf betting games of all time – Skins. It takes some serious confidence in your game to be willing to put greenbacks on you winning a hole, and it is true that as you get to know the course and it just so happens that Hole 1 and Hole 2 here at Palm Desert Golf & Country Club have great opportunities for birdies. 

Skins App takes friendly golf course betting to a whole new level. There are a number of different golf betting games built in along with their rules and allows for each player in the match to keep up with the game from the palm of their hand. Skins App also uses GPS to locate nearby players and courses, guides you through wagers, and can also help you with scorekeeping while you play the bet too. 

Skins App on the App Store (apple.com) 

Skins App – Apps on Google Play 


Some older golfers may still envision they’re playing a round at Bushwood and young Danny Noonan is their caddy. You could even imagine Spackler trying to get that darn gopher or Judge Smails and Al Czervik getting up to their antics out there on the course. The truth is a lot of golfers nowadays may have never even seen Caddyshack or heard of Bushwood golf course at all, but if you’re looking for a free golf app that can serve as your caddy in-an-app and GPS rangefinder in one then the GolfLogix app is going to be perfect for you. 

It informs you with precision distances for holes plus elevation changes that may lead you to go with another club, and the 3D visualizations and real-time performance analyses available are great too. Add GPS shot tracking, green putt line reading, and more and this is a great golf app. One thing though – it’s free to get the app but then you’ll need to be $60 a year to use its impressive functionality. But you may find it’s worth it as you start to see how it benefits you. 

GolfLogix – The #1 Golf App – GPS Distances for over 35,000 Courses plus Putt Break Maps

Chirp Fantasy Golf

All you need to do is watch a few minutes of a pro ice hockey game and you’ll quickly come to see how it’s the most fiercely competitive game ever played. Chirp may be the sound a bird makes, but when ‘chirps’ are used in the way we’re talking about here it is a term that got its start in ice hockey where players make humorously derogatory but relatively harmless comments about another’s player game when they’re not playing well at all. We show ice hockey games here in our golf clubhouse and Cactus Club restaurant, but chirping in the clubhouse is discouraged. 

Golfers tend to have more decorum, and if there’s a fistfight on the golf course there are going to be many more consequences than having to sit down for 5 minutes of game time. But some guys and girls will chirp on the golf course and it can be quite enjoyable if you’re the one doing the chirping. 

In all seriousness, Chirp Fantasy Golf is pretty cool with the way it lets you follow pro golf and gamble with your ‘chirp bucks’ where you can interact with friends also win anything from new golf equipment to even the golf trip of your dreams. 

Chirp Golf – Fantasy Sports on the App Store (apple.com) 

Chirp Golf – Fantasy Sports – Apps on Google Play 

USGA Official Rules of Golf

Playing by the rules is an absolute must if it’s any sport where there’s a clear-cut winner, and a round of golf is no exception. This is why having the USGA Official Rules of Golf App on your phone for fast and definitive reference is a good idea. It provides complete written rules enhanced with diagrams, images, and videos where necessary. Nothing fancy, but it is a free golf app that makes sure you’re all playing by the rules and you may even find there are rules to playing golf that you weren’t aware of before. 

The Official Rules of Golf on the App Store (apple.com) 

The Official Rules of Golf – Apps on Google Play 

Leaderboard Golf

Leaderboard Golf may be our favorite of the bunch when it comes to these free smartphone golf apps because it really has the most extensive menu of functions for recreational golfers in Palm Desert to take advantage of. It supports group games, wagering, non-competitive scorekeeping, playing with GPS, plus posting after your round. You’ll develop unique histories, stats, and personal records with your rounds on Leaderboard and the app can also integrate with the USGA for handicap data, letting golfers play and post to their Handicap Index without needing to open another app. 

Leaderboard Golf, Inc. on the App Store (apple.com) 

Leaderboard Golf – Apps on Google Play 

Golf season in Palm Desert is in full swing here at our club, and we continue to welcome new visitors who are golfing in the Coachella Valley for the first time and trying all of the different public golf courses here. As always, if you want to improve your golf game then apps may be a great resource to have but nothing will ever beat the improvements you’ll see when you get golf lessons from one of our knowledgeable golf pros here at Palm Desert. Any day is a great day for golf here, so choose the one that suits you best and we’ll see you early in the AM.

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