21 / 22 Season Set to Open at Palm Desert Golf & Country Club

21 / 22 Season Set to Open at Palm Desert Golf & Country Club

For those in much of the country this time of the year means much lower temperatures, shorter days, and more in the way of inclement weather. That’s certainly not a recipe for days spent on the golf course, but one of the benefits of living in the Coachella Valley of California means the exact opposite is true – this is when the heat of summer is long gone and the weather becomes ideal for outdoor activities. Nothing we can do about the shorter days though, but there’s still plenty of daylight available for either an AM or PM round of golf in Palm Desert.

There are many great Palm Desert golf courses, and we’d like to think that we’re among them. Ours is a Coachella Valley golf course that’s for everyone, and we’ve been told that our public course is the perfect mix of being challenging and accommodating at the same time. The double wide fairways certainly are just that for anyone who’s still working on going long AND straight off the tee, but as always golf is a sport where you never stop learning and improving and that’s a beautiful thing.

Modern connectivity is a beautiful thing, and it’s great that at Palm Desert Golf and Country Club you can book a tee time online as well as schedule a lesson with one of your friendly and knowledgeable pros who will speed up the process of you getting under par for the course eventually. But the most important aspect of golf is having fun and enjoying the experience as well as the company of those playing the round with you.

Season Rates and Golf Packages Here

Seems there are more avid golfers who are early birds than not, and it is true that more people want to golf in the morning than after lunch. From now until the end of 2021 you can get your round of golf at Palm Desert in for $95 from open till 1pm, and if you’re just fine with an afternoon round you can get a round in for $80 when you tee off anytime from 1pm until close.

January to March is peak season at our Coachella Valley golf course, and accordingly from Jan 1 to March 31st there’s a slight increase in our greens fees, with those open-1pm tee times available for $105 and those afternoon slots being $90. The end of March sees things start to warm up again quite a bit and rates go back down – $85 for the before 1pm tee times and $70 for after 1pm tee times.

Golf packages for Palm Desert? You bet, and ours include:

  • Golf cart and Trail fee
  • 20% discount on golf shop merchandise
  • 15% discounted green fees for guests
  • 10% discount on food and non-alcoholic

Plus our Player’s Club Package has annual, 6-month, 5-month, and 4-month options. Consider the Roadrunner Package as well with at least 25% off green throughout the entirety of 2022, January 1st to December 31st.

Expanded Menu at Cactus Club Restaurant

We are of the belief that a great round of golf is even better when it is either preceded or followed by a great meal and / or a round of tasty beverages. That’s exactly what we have for guests at our Cactus Club Restaurant, and you can make a reservation for the restaurant online too through our website. Our pub food menu is always the most popular here, including fish and chips, fish tacos, sandwiches, salads and more. Taco Tuesday is a thing here too!

This is also a great spot to catch sports games on the TV either before or after your round, and on Saturdays there is live music from 6:30 to 9:30pm.

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